everything is the light
— nikola tesla


Think, create, innovate & inspire


Kika Estudio is a collective company based in Mexico City, conformed by experts dedicated to the creation of image content, covering a wide range of visual disciplines, including corporate, architectural, product and fashion photography; visual identity, branding, web and editorial design; as well as advertising, fiction and corporate videos. 

4 years after its foundation, it has achieved numerous projects and acquired the trust of many clients. 

Kika’s associates are versatile professionals capable of developing various tasks. Conformed by directors, photographers, designers and producers, each of these talented experts have gained vast experience in today’s industry. The company works everything In-house, providing their clients a first hand experience from the moment the project is born until the final product is delivered. Each development is a hand tailored suit in which every client’s needs and wishes are fulfilled, providing the best service. 

The company’s mission is to serve the client as the tool to keep achieving success. The vision is the ideology of collective work, the constant search for aesthetics and the use of top technology standards of the industry.